About the Walk for Water

to Shut Down Red Hill

A small group of Moanalua Valley residents wanted to do something about the Red Hill water crisis. The majority of them were enjoying retirement and the time spent with their grandchildren, but they knew this was too important.  They brought their neighbors together for a community meeting and invited Wayne Tanaka, Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Hawai‘i to learn more about the issue right in their back yard. They decided to take action not just for themselves but for the future generations. The Walk for Water to Shut Down Red Hill is for all of us. 

"The Walk is unique because it is planned by kūpuna who have prioritized the need to protect our water for their children, grandchildren and future generations to come. These kūpuna have also partnered with younger generations, including the Hawai‘i Youth Climate Coalition, making this a truly multi-generational collaboration for a cause that will impact the very foundation of our past, present, and future existence here on O‘ahu. The most recent spill of “forever chemicals” at Red Hill has also emphasized the existential stakes at play, where the health and safety of our island and our communities may be placed at risk for centuries or longer, if we do not all take action to protect our precious wai. This is why the Walk and other community efforts to save and protect our water are so important."

-Wayne Tanaka, Sierra Club of Hawai‘i Executive Director